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• Adventurers rise against a brutal dictatorship!
A group of young adventurers, known as the “Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack,” are attempting to unify the seven elemental tribes in the Land of Elden. At the center of the story is the beautiful and capricious princess Shion who rules over the country with an iron fist. The evil King Roland has now declared war on the innocent people of the land.
• The Elden Ring Cracked Accounts will be born and grow together with you!
Experience a revolutionary story of “RPG” where you, the player, have the power to change the story! By choosing your own destiny as an adventurer, you can experience an incredible storyline with a heavy heart!
As the protagonist of the Land of Elden, you will be able to gather recruits from different races and towns, become acquainted with them, and enjoy a dramatic story while working together with them.
PRINCESS SHION: Regal, beautiful, and monosyllabic, Shion is the protagonist. She is loved by all of the people in the country, and is also the catalyst of change.
BRANCH: Level up your troops on the battlefield, take advantage of each party member’s special skills, and get a hold of moves that enhance their destructive powers!
GUARDIANS: The companions of the protagonist. They each have their own story that impacts that of the protagonist.
ASSASSINS: Evil thieves who live by a darker code. Their emblem is a skull.
LIQUID: A fearless, stand-out character who is loved by everyone. She has the ability to teleport, but this can only be used once a day.
MIKAN: The researcher with the best alchemy knowledge and a kind heart. He is compassionate and dedicated to learning more about the human body.
HIDARI: A soulful young woman, she is an incredibly skilled knight. She is very energetic and has an abnormally sensitive heart.
MASTER: A master alchemist who wields black magic. He is a rational man who is passionate and determined about anything.
DRIBALD: A tall and imposing man who is dedicated to his work. He is passionate and has a quick wit.
NAGA: An extremely loyal spiritual being who has been aiding the protagonist since childhood. She gives out extremely powerful winds that give combat advantages to her allies.
TANIKI: A master




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Exploration
    • Climber Stamina system
      Give the character a burden, double his stamina, recover it
      while pausing, and even
      form a linked special attack to high-grade weapons
    • Rogue Skill
      • Rush for bonus attack/counter
      • Battle-jumping support
      • Prowess increase support
    • Movement
      • Dash Jump support
      • Fall speed support (double jump when landing on a jump)
        All of the above are considered Rapid Moves, so using them will enhance you with a method for abrupt movement.
      • Elemental Magic Support
    • Character
      • Has a strong physique and a highly developed general ability, such as getting a bonus to a physical attack attribute after using a movement-exerting skill.

    Elden Ring Key features:

    • Exploration
      • A discovery-based adventure where you will rediscover the mystery of the world and learn what happened in the former lands
        • The discarded tomb of a Rune Knight and the existence of the Runes as we know them
        • Undiscovered monsters lying in wait.
        • Ruins that have been shattered by time
        • Becoming a new character following an encounter with a vast amount of items that have appeared from nowhere
      • Rogue Skill
        • You can use battlefield skills with accelerated processing
        • Rebounds are processed instantly
        • Prowess increases (stamina and strength) are processed instantly
        • Multiplayer multiplayer support
        • Encounters with beasts of the wilderness, where competing for loot and monsters in a close battle awaits you.
      • Elemental Magic Support

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          ● Action RPG HEROES
          Wield a slew of powerful weapons and reach the end with style and adventure.
          Demolition Character
          Hit enemies’ vital points to explode them.
          Fire Powers
          Fire explodes from the ground or ground objects.
          Ice Powers
          Cold power deforms enemies, freezing them.
          Dark Powers
          Dark power steals the hearts of enemies.
          Light Powers
          Light power can affect other enemies.
          Suitable for beginners as well as those familiar with combat.
          Suitable for the powerful HEX on-screen command moves.
          Hand-to-hand combat that can be enjoyed even when playing at a fast tempo.
          Game Demo Play


          This software is of an online playable role-playing game and contains items that can be used to play the game. Please refer to the terms of use for the game.



          What’s new in Elden Ring:

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          Download Archiware’s installer file from official website and run it.
          Wait until the installation is complete.
          Once the installation is finished, go to the Archiware folder.
          Find game’s folder and copy the “.txt” file in it.
          Go back to your Windows Explorer and open a folder.
          Go to the directory where you saved the text file.
          Open it by double clicking.
          Select “launch_eli.exe”, which you can find in the folder.
          Wait until the game is launched, and then play it.

          How to: Crack and activate/unlock ELDEN RING game:

          After launching the game, press “Q” and a prompt will appear.
          Type “cracked” and then “OK”.
          Type “R” and then “OK”.
          You will see a message saying “Run the game”. Click “OK” and you will unlock the game.

          How to play ELDEN RING game online:

          Open destination folder and locate file “host.ini”.
          open it and locate numerical IP address (Example: then replace it with your IP address.
          Go back to the main screen and press on enter.
          Configure your game to your desired connection settings.
          Go back to the main screen.
          Press on enter.
          You will now be connected to other players around the world!

          How to Install ELDEN RING APK:

          Download ELDEN RING.APK from below link.
          Move the file to SDCard/Android/OBB
          Start the ODIN tool or Downloader.
          Choose the file you downloaded and hit “Start”.
          Wait for the process to finish.
          Please do not uninstall the game before the process has finished.

          Extract APK Using SD Card:

          Connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable.
          Go to the Android folder and locate the ELDEN RING folder.
          Move the file called ELDEN RING to the SD card root folder.
          Start the ODIN tool.
          Choose the file you moved to the card, then hit “Start”.
          Wait for the process to finish


          How To Crack Elden Ring:

        • Step 1: Download the torrent link from the download button
        • Step 2: Run the setup and agree to the Terms and Conditions
        • Step 3: Install the game

        How To Register & Crack:

        • Step 1: Download the crack from the download button
        • Step 2: Copy the cracked file into the game directory
        • Step 3: Run the game and follow the instructions


        • Elder Game forum
        • Twitter




    System Requirements:

    OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    CPU: Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz or equivalent
    Memory: 256 MB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant video card
    DirectX: 9.0c compatible
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.3 GHz or equivalent
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant


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