Voosh Performance 5.7.2 Crack Activation Code Free Download [Mac/Win]

Even if your computer is no longer new, this does not mean that its speed should decrease. Voosh Performance is one of the apps that improves various parameters of your PC.
Attractive GUI
The application comes with an appealing graphic interface, meant to attract both novices and experts alike.
First off, the utility needs to scan the host PC after installation and this process might take a long time to complete. You can still use your computer in the meantime, yet this might strain its resources.
Gauge-inspired approach
The main window Voosh Performance displays several gauges that display the overall improvement percentage achieved by the app.
The data is grouped in several categories, and dedicated gauges serve as visual aids when you want to compare the status of your PC before and after optimization. The performances of the network, disk and CPU are the ones enhanced.
View performance history
The application also offers you the possibility to review the data from the past, in terms of days, weeks or months.
You can analyze information about the network download or upload speed (MB/s), CPU load (%), disk writes or reads (MB/s).
You can examine a detailed report about your computer, featuring info like OS version, PC name, CPU type, amount of RAM, installed apps, antivirus software or currently running services.
Optimization under the hood
To summarize, the most important feature of Voosh Performance is its weakness as well, to a certain extent. All the enhancements it applies to your computer are under the hood, meaning that you do not have any control over them.
This might sound good for novices, who lack the knowledge and skills to keep their device in top shape manually. Those who like to be hands-on with their PC might not like not knowing what happens in the background.







Voosh Performance 5.7.2 Crack Full Version Free

– gauge-inspired approach to performance improvement
– intuitive UI
– beautiful 1-of-a-kind graphic
– compare performance history

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Voosh Performance 5.7.2 (2022)

System Speed Enhancement
Speed up many of your system’s programs, stops sluggish computer performance, eliminates unnecessary startup items, and improves your computer’s memory utilization.
Key Features
Now Optimization
Extensive system optimization that incorporates MB-level CPU-specific in-depth analysis, to find the biggest bottlenecks in your computer and enhances the speed of your computer.
Disk Speed Enhancement
Speed up your hard disks by analyzing disks and fixing their slowness, boost overall performance of all your disks, smooth out disk access by removing unnecessary delays, and speed up your data access.
Network Speed Enhancement
Speed up your network by analyzing network adapters and correcting issues in your network and network interface.
Memory Usage Enhancement
Improve the utilization of your computer’s memory to speed up your computer.
System Monitoring
Monitor and monitor the health of your computer, which will bring your computer back to normal in the case of a problem.
Basic Optimization
Automatically finds and fixes common bottlenecks in your Windows settings, automatically finds the unused system resources and boosts the performance of your computer
System Monitoring
Standard System Monitoring including the status of your Windows settings and your computer itself.
CPU Usage Enhancement
Enhances the speed of your computer by increasing the performance of the processor.
Operating system specific optimization
Operating system specific optimization including increasing the speed of your computer by optimizing the Windows version or the Windows version that is in use.
Disk Usage Enhancement
Optimize and speed up your computer by reducing disk usage, boost the speed of your hard disks, save the disk space and analyze your used disks to find the most fragmented areas, boost the speed of your hard disk by reducing your disk fragmentation, and speed up disk access.
Key Features
Now CPU Usage Enhancement
Optimize and boost the speed of your computer by analyzing the speed of your computer processor.
Disk Usage Enhancement
Optimize and speed up the speed of your computer by optimizing and analyzing your computer’s hard disk.
This leads us to the Pros and Cons. We mentioned that the application lacks direct control over the app and you are no longer able to optimize the settings manually. However, if you wish, you can read more about the Voosh Performance application here.
You may also wish to test CPU Boost, Memory Booster and Speed Boost in the Future.
You can reduce the performance and stay updated on the latest applications. With the help of these applications, you can automatically repair your PC and boost its performance.

Voosh Performance 5.7.2 Free Download

Voosh Performance is a bit unusual in the sense that it can noticeably impact your PC performance. It is not a speed booster, but a maintenance tool, in the sense that you gain additional control over the system.
You could say, that Voosh Performance is a gadget that connects the logical ends of the computer system. You check things about your computer and, if need be, fix issues.

We’ve tried Voosh Performance and there’s no denying that its interface is pretty, but when you tell your computer to scan your PC, it takes about 30 minutes to do that. The 3-day trial is only meant for setting your expectations.

This application comes with many features that are very helpful, but the lack of information available after performing the scan leads to a feeling of uneasiness. If you are interested in Voosh Performance, you can take advantage of the 3-day trial offered by the company, that will allow you to test the application and see what it can do for your PC. After that, you can use it at your own discretion and decide if you want to continue using it on a weekly or monthly basis.Q:

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What’s New In Voosh Performance?

This program is a simple to use, yet effective instrument to enhance system performance on your PC.

How to optimize
The software consists of a set of various tools that can collectively improve various parameters of your PC. All you need to do is access the main menu and choose the relevant feature or tool.

We review Voosh Performance. Is it really worth downloading?

We have tried to find out whether Voosh Performance is safe to use or not. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to do this. It was either too difficult to do this, or it was not possible at all.

We really do not know whether Voosh Performance is safe. For example, it is quite possible that hidden viruses were found in Voosh Performance installer, like keyloggers or other malicious files. If you do not know how to select the right downloader, it is possible that you selected the wrong one. In such cases, you might be asked to download the malware, which you follow. This is what we call a bad setup.

We found no reliable information about Voosh Performance, which is not a good thing. We suggest that you be careful when downloading anything to your computer. At this time, Voosh Performance is still under development, so there is a chance that the application may be unsafe. It is not recommended that you download it until a final verdict comes out.

It is possible that once Voosh Performance is reviewed, users will report any problem they encounter when using the program. We will update this review when we have any such report.


If you want to know more about Voosh Performance, check out its website. This website is protected by at least 2 password protection systems. You do not have any control over the order in which they attempt to access the page, which is good. This means that they are protecting the page from different attackers.

We are not making any money from this website, we are using reviews only. This in no way affects our objective opinion of Voosh Performance.



We are reviewers and not developers, and we have not tested Voosh Performance.



The program that we are reviewing can be usefull in many ways. You can use it to boot up your PC and download apps.

We assume that all the functions of this tool are


System Requirements For Voosh Performance:

Requires a USB-C to USB-A Adapter cable or a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect the device to a computer.

A computer running Windows 10 version 1809 or later is required to use the accessory.
To start a PC from standby with the Micro USB cable connected to the X1C Power, go into the accessory’s settings and select the “PC Standby from USB” option.
You can charge the USB-C Power adapter from the computer using the original USB-A Power Adapter.
You can charge


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