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What are these access control options?

We have these pre-printed access cards on our front desk to authorize access to our offices:

What exactly are these access control options? I know the red one is supposed to be “open”, but what does the green one mean?


If someone has your card and is unauthorized, the green card will say “Closed”, so you can tell you’re not in the right place. The red card on the other hand, they’re supposed to be open so anyone can go in.


In general, yellow “open/closed” and red “closed/closed” indicate an unlocked/locked controlled access system.
On the open/closed side is the green card that the question asked about.
On the closed/closed side are the red cards.
The open side is meant to allow entry to those who are allowed access, and the closed side allows entry to those who are not allowed access.


The unlocked arrow indicates that you can enter the building regardless of the card. The locked arrow indicates that you can enter the building only if you’re listed on the card.


How to delete some nodes in an XML file in Java

I have an XML file and I want to delete some nodes from it.
here is part of the XML file



Download Visio for Blackberry 9860. Visio for Blackberry is a powerful tool for creating detailed diagrams. The program can help organize, set up, and manage work tasks of any size.
It can help your organization by making good project management easier and faster. Many users think that Visio is Microsoft Visio which is not true.
It was not released by Microsoft. It is being updated by Mircosoft every year. This is the version number: 2007 – 07.00 Update Info Version: .
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Uses the same letter names as Visio, but has a more limited set of objects, and displays X3D output.
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Award-winning 3D graphic editor, project files, templates and data to save you time and get you back to work, fast.
You can download 3D Studio Max V11.0.18 in a setup file from on our website.
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Full of cool features, this is one of the most advanced apps you could ever want!
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Descargar visio portable taringaQ:

What is the mechanism of molecular hydrogen when exposed to heat?

This is not a duplicated question. I have already asked this question and did not get a good answer.
Molecular hydrogen if it is exposed to heat at a temperature, will it decompose?
Which is its dissociation energy and whether it is reversible?


Hydrogen is a gas at all temperatures and will not decompose. Hydrogen is heavy enough that it will evaporate from a liquid.

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