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Box Hako Save 61


I can only guess, but this might be an issue with the fontset (or “FontPro” package) you are using. This answer is based on guesswork.
I’m not sure if “Hako” is in the same fontset as “Namiki” is. If you check the initial of the name in the OP’s code, you’ll see that it has the same character spacing. I think the problem is a bit more complex.
hako_char(text = “Hako”)

You can try and use the following package:
(Note, that it is my first package with R so I’m a bit unsure if this will work or not. If it doesn’t, take it as just an idea)

You can take a look at:

GK 61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 61 Keys Multi Color RGB

It contains this picture:

Note, that the initial of the company’s name in the second picture is “Hako” and not “Namiki”.

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