Free Download Vmware Workstation 9 In High Compressed [PORTABLE]

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Free Download Vmware Workstation 9 In High Compressed


Using VMware Workstation Player for Windows. WinApi is a dynamic VMWare Workst…
VMisconfig v1.4.1 PERFORMER Version 1.4 dated February 28, 2011. Main changes: Added the ability to use VMstation while logging into Windows Center VMStation running ProtectPoint Pro…
Program for checking the integrity of the PC. The application, regardless of the client, checks the registry for “empty” lines and checks the integrity of all existing entries. The results of the check are displayed in a tabular form and can be applied to the desired section of the registry using the context menu.
The program will show you the presence of programs in startup. Here you can view the names of all components that are not serviced by the system (browser, graphics editor, recycle bin, sound card, antivirus programs, CD / DVD drive, as well as a CD drive, hardware and software that are designed to write, read information from discs, computer networks, archivers, music and video listeners, CD-ROM recordings, Internet browsers, etc.).
The program allows you to view all installed applications installed on your computer’s hard drive.
Sorting by sorting priority is possible (by right clicking on the component name). The list that opens displays a complete list of its properties.
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You can create a “Startup Components” folder and select components from a list from there. If there is no “Startup Components” folder, then it will appear in the list immediately when you open the program.
You can also create a shortcut to launch a program in Windows Explorer. To do this, click on the folder in which the desired shortcut is located and call the context menu by selecting the “Run” item.
The program supports the following languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian, Belarusian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese.
Information about the Windows Virtualization Tools program.
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Desktop distribution of a set of tools for working with VMDK: Multimedia Server Package (MSP), vmdkDevices. Author: Arthur Wishart Publisher: VM Software Creative Technologies Network Microsoft Windows.
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