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VPing Crack + With Keygen Download PC/Windows [March-2022]

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Q: What’s the difference between PingPong.com and vPing? A: PingPong offers a full solution for testing Internet and surfing performance. It’s free, easy to use and only takes a couple of seconds to complete. vPing is a smaller tool which gives you instant, meaningful information about your Internet connection. It’s free too, but it’s not as comprehensive or powerful.
Q: How often does it update? A: Updates are done every hour, or in cases of important news like IPv6 deployment, when more frequent updates are needed.
Q: Is it safe? A: Yes, it runs in your browser, which means it’s completely safe. It has no access to your computer or network.
User Interface:
Poring over a list of statistics with no way to compare them can take a while. vPing displays your selected measurements in a pie chart with percentages beside them. The display can be switched to horizontal or vertical to better fit the page.
Q: How can I edit the reports and make vPing longer-lasting? A: You can filter the report and aggregate the measurements. You can also set the date range to report on a one-week window or longer. If you want a daily check you can right-click a day you want it to check and select check daily.
Q: How can I save vPing as a template? A: You can do this in the options, or right-click a day and select save template. vPing will save all the data between the date range and the templates. You can do it again to set a different range.
Q: How can I print the report? A: Click on the down arrow next to the pie-chart. You can print the chart and the statistics beside it. For a better view you can zoom out (click on the zoom-out icon).
Q: How do I get feedback? A: You can add feedback to a particular measurement either by email or by posting on the forums.
Q: Does vPing monitor DNS? A: No. DNS reports are stored locally in vPing.
Q: Does vPing monitor HTTP? A: No. HTTP reports are stored locally in vPing.
Version History:
vPing 1.0.1 June 1, 2007
vPing 1.0.4 July 9, 2007
vPing 1.1 – Fixed security bug by having JavaScript redirect to a different URL

VPing Crack

vPing is a small tool which gives you instant, meaningful information about your Internet connection.
You can test quality, check for errors, compare various ISPs, and more. Results can be stored, printed, emailed right from the application.
User friendly interface and advanced features should make happy both beginners and power users.
– Simple to use and understand interface
– Network monitoring for different ISPs
– Tests both upload and download speed
– Unit testing with 2-byte packets
– Ping between 3 hosts (office, ISP, and servers)
– Output queue data in various formats (spreadsheet, HTML, XML, RTF,…)
– Send email with results
– Print results
– Graphical messages during test
– Some results features like charts etc.
– Windows 2000/XP/VISTA (32/64bit)
– Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape
How to use the Download:
– Install program
– Open it
– Run the application
– Choose desired test type
– Choose required options
– Start the test

Dustin M. Cook

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What’s New In?

vPing brings you information on your Internet connection right on your desktop. It is a small tool which you can use to get instant, meaningful information about your Internet connection.
You can test quality, check for errors, compare various ISPs, and more.
Furthermore you can review several configuration settings, like firewall and NAT. And the tool will make you happy and productive.
In addition, vPing offers you the possibility to save all your results in various formats, send them via email or even print them (via browser!).
* simple design, very intuitive and well organized
* transfer any collected statistics to the internet browser (for printing)
* save the results as a pdf or dxf file
* 7 days free trial
* similar to internet analyzer
* easy to use configuration editor
* test many different parameters (incl. internet speed and performance, possible errors)
* there is no man-in-the-middle attack like other similar tools do
* you can configure a domain wildcard (even multiple domains – even more easier)
* you can configure a source port above 1024
* many different output formats
* web interface/demo available for vPing 2
* Great Documentation

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IceDove desktop is a set of tools for monitoring and managing Windows machines and servers. It can be used to remotely manage, reboot, shutdown, start, stop, reboot, detect running processes, troubleshoot, and perform IP/FQDN sweep on the internet.

IceDove Description:
IceDove is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that lets you monitor any Windows PC from another one.
IceDove offers you more detailed information about your PC than most other programs. It supports remote connection to computers over the internet (LAN or WAN).
IceDove allows you to remotely manage PC from another PC over the internet. It can be easily installed on a server and configured to be the server for remote management tasks. There is no support for remote management of Mac OS X or Linux machines.
IceDove supports multiple file systems. You can monitor Windows XP and later (NTFS, FAT32) and even ZIP drives.
This tool can be used to troubleshoot problems, such as power management, overheating, and slow internet. You can also detect problems that do not cause Windows to crash (such as USB faults).
IceDove also contains

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7.5, 10.8.2, or 10.9
1.6 GHz dual core Intel Mac
2 GB available hard disk space
A 10 MB free disk space is necessary to install LibreOffice.
32-bit only
Windows 7
1 GHz Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU
2 GB


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