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SpectraLayers Pro is a piece of software that allows you to edit songs in an entirely different way than you’re used to.
A tool for advanced users
Right off the bat, SpectraLayers Pro is an application intended for those who have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to sound waves and there’s a simple explanation as to why that is. SpectraLayers Pro displays an audio sample like you hear it and instead of acting on amplitude, you manipulate frequency over time.
To make things even more interesting, editing is done using brushes and the process is very similar to editing a photo in Photoshop. Just like brushing over an area to remove image noise, you can brush over portion of the spectrum and eliminate audio specific noise.
Ironically, just like with Photoshop, to be able to enjoy and use the application at its full potential, without having to deal with function delay or slow performance, you do need to have an above average PC configuration.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface
If you’re an audio engineer that has spent a couple of hours editing some photos, then SpectraLayers Pro should feel very comfortable in your hands. It displays a highly comprehensive interface which makes editing a cinch.
The application enables you to create layer masks for specific areas of the spectrum in order to extract audio and edit frequency, harmonics and noise. This in turn allows you to remove any undesired sound from a recording or a song in a manner that is close to perfect.
It does take a good amount of practice to learn where and how to brush, as well as how to configure the tool itself in terms hardness, frequency and time ranges. This however should come much easier once you get a handle on the ‘3D displace’ feature.
A powerful audio editing tool for those who like to focus on the details
SpectraLayers Pro provides cloning and drawing tools, time and pitch manipulation, interoperability with Sound Forge Pro and a lot more.
It has set the bar for spectrum editing and continues to improve the technology it uses, all the more reasons for you to give it a try and explore new possibilities.

SpectraLayers Pro – How to use it

SpectraLayers Pro is a piece of software that allows you to edit songs in an entirely different way than you’re used to.
A tool for advanced users
Right off the bat, SpectraLayers Pro is an application intended for

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How to record MIDI from a mixer

Mixers come with many controls that can be used to ensure good results. One of these often overlooked features is the one that allows you to record MIDI from the mixer. This
is a big help when you need to make sure everything is working as it should in your song. While it might seem like a simple task, actually recording MIDI from a mixer can actually be very
difficult. This is the reason why I decided to write this tutorial.

With the proper setup, you can be able to record MIDI from the mixer in all the ways that you would expect a mixer to record MIDI. That includes recording from all the components
of the channel strip, realtime MIDI, multitrack MIDI, automation and record from any line out. Let’s say you want to record MIDI from the send of a particular channel. Well, this might seem
a bit tricky, but not to worry, there’s actually a solution for this.

Before getting to recording MIDI from a mixer, it’s also recommended to install a patch called OSC Utility. This patch is an essential tool that helps you to convert the messages
on the DAW’s MIDI out to OSC. Without this patch, the process of recording MIDI from a mixer might become a bit problematic.

Let’s say you are using the PreSonus Studio One 3, which is a popular DAW. This tool has its own built in iLok 2 so that you can easily link it to your studio. The process of recording
MIDI from a mixer is pretty simple. We will start recording from the mixer, but before we do, we need to make sure that you are using the iLok 2 and that the iLok is connected to the studio

The first step is to locate the mixer output from the PreSonus Studio One 3. This is easy. On the bottom right side of the screen, you will find a little monitor window where you will find the
name of the mixer output that you’re interested in. In this case, it’s “FX Send”. To find the exact line out, you can go to the “Mixer” tab, and then the “Group

SpectraLayers Pro With Product Key Free Download

SpectraLayers Pro 3D Displace is a great plugin for clean up and denoise your 3D Displace audio. Thanks to the new Highpass Filter technique and the new optimized 3D Displace algorithm you get the best tool to extract your music. It can clean up every part of the spectrum for whatever you do within the 3D Displace plugin. In addition to cleaning up tracks, it can also be used to draw precise shapes on the 3D Displace canvas.
Highpass Filter:
Allows the extraction of frequencies up to a certain level and saves the rest of the audio.
Powerful spectrum manipulation:
Freq Upsample and Resample as well as more spectrum manipulation techniques.
Powerful 3D Displacement Tool:
Extracts audio from 3D Displace for the creation of 3D objects.
Graphical Time Manipulation Tool:
Graphical Time Manipulation tool for removing noise, gain, and pitch from your audio.
Protects your recording from being mixed into an audio file.
Stellar Studios – The Best Audio Processing Tools
This program lets you save audio editing jobs and then continue your work on another audio file.
This handy audio editing program comes in a combo pack with a recording studio, a number of ready to use effect plugins, built-in speakers, as well as an AIF/WAV/MP3/MPC/AAC/M4A/OGG/PLS file exporter and so much more.
Despite the fact that it was originally designed for true music lovers, you can successfully use this program to edit photo files as well.
The idea of Stellar Studios was to create a recording studio with everything you need. If you want to edit your audio and photos, you can use this audio editing software to do that.
Saving and loading the sound data into the memory means that you can repeat all of your editing process over and over again. This was achieved by using Free Audio Converter Pro.
The program is designed to save all of your editing jobs for you to continue with.
Key Features:
Imports audio, video and image files from sound card, disc and network
Photos, PDF and TXT text files.
If you want to edit audio, you can load

What’s New In?

Inspect the spectrum of any sound files like mp3, wav, aif, etc.
A powerful & intuitive tool with special support for professional editing work on audio files.
SpectraLayers is a powerful new tool with a user-friendly interface that allows for near perfection when editing audio samples, by eliminating frequencies, harmonics, noise and silence within a sample, while adding new ones, such as scratches and background noises.
Create, manipulate, extract, or rearrange frequencies, harmonics, noise and silences within an audio sample.
To create a frequency-based spectrum, plot the spectrum for a sound file, and brush over it to extract frequencies, harmonics, noise and silence and clean the sample from unwanted frequencies.
To manipulate the pitch of an audio file over time, create pitchscales for every second of the duration of the song.
Generate a spectrogram by creating a polar spectrogram from a sound file, a polar waveform from a sound file, a polar signature from a sound file, a polar image from a sound file, a polar chart from a sound file or a polar histogram from a sound file. Generate a polar chart, histogram, or histogram from a sound file.
To add new frequencies to a sample, use the “3D-Displace” feature to add new frequencies, harmonics and noise to any sound file by assigning a function to each frequency in a spectrogram and displace that function over time on the audio file.
A simple yet very powerful tool that offers specialized support for professionals in the audio field.
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Sound Forge Pro


Sound Forge Pro is a full-featured multitrack audio editing tool that lets you record, edit, mix, and master your audio files with incredible ease. Sound Forge Pro delivers exceptional audio quality and plenty of power for editing every aspect of an audio production right inside the application itself. What more could you ask for? Sound Forge Pro Audio Software Description:
Sound Forge Pro Audio Software is a complete music production environment designed for professional users. Edit, record, mix and master audio easily with Sound Forge Pro.
You can record multi-track audio with unlimited precision. The Level meters and a dynamic fader make it easy to monitor your recordings. Support more than 300 tracks of audio data and 20-bit high-resolution audio.
Sound Forge Pro

System Requirements For SpectraLayers Pro:

– 1 CPU with 2 or more cores
– 4 GB of RAM
– 16 GB of available space
– Microsoft Windows 7 or later
– Internet connection
How to install:
– Copy the.exe of Torque 3D Creator to the folder where your Steam games are saved.
– Make sure you have Steam installed
– Download and install Torque 3D Creator
– Run Torque 3D Creator
– Open Steam and go to Library
– Go to Games


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