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When you think of coding, don’t you think of pasting something like (color: #ffffff!important;)?. Didn’t it sound weird? Don’t even get started with selecting colors using long strings of hexadecimal numbers. Or the lack of any preview. Or the need to copy values to a separate editor. PIXGet Crack Keygen helps you get away from all of this by providing a simple solution.
With PIXGet, you can easily pick any color you want simply by right clicking on the Desktop. You can choose from over 70 colors, including specific sets to text and pencil, perfectly arbitrary sets, 16-color combinations, and so on.
PIXGet’s features include:
• hexadecimal color pickers (long, short, and RGB)
• selection of text in an image
• RGB color picker
• long hexadecimal picker
• overview of colors with labels
• preview area with live colors in the background
• hotkey editor
• preview area freeze
• hotkey for clipboard
• live preview of values
• ability to move slider by a single pixel
• real-time preview
• options to select a color from the subcategories
• options to change the selected color and opacity
• the ability to configure or set default colors for each category
So if you want to pick colors using different values, go ahead and download the simple to use and extremely handy utility.

Cuticom Portable Photo Editor is a fun Photo Editing Software which allows you to edit your Images, JPGs and Bitmaps including Web-Browser. You can also combine any number of files as well as add Photo watermark to them. Besides that you can batch the images, resize, rotate, adjust the contrast and brightness, fix JPEG, and EXIF errors and there are all such marvelous features that you can try.
With Cuticom Portable Photo Editor you can do the following:
① Cut out an area of an Image;
② Copy an Area from one Image to another;
③ Graft an Image to another one;
④ Copy a Graphic Object from an Image;
⑤ Merge Images;
⑥ Blur or Sharpen an Image;
⑦ Extract a part of the image to another Image;
⑧ Cut a part of an Image;
⑨ Resize an Image;
⑩ Paste an Image to another

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• Send the value that you just picked to the clipboard to use anywhere on the computer
• Set a string to string converter for viewing color values in a different way
• Uses hotkey to free freeze the preview, take a screenshot, and send the value you just picked to the clipboard
Useful Website:
Have a look at this website:

Pixget features a really easy to use and intuitive interface, allowing to pick colors of your choice straight from the interface.
Current Editor Features:
* Hexadecimal
* Long string
* Color codes used in combination with various functions.
* Freeze and unfreeze the preview
Download and Install PIXGet
Before I start to describe the application…
Go to your desktop and navigate to the directory where you saved the file you just downloaded.
Let’s assume you saved it to your desktop. Navigate there, double click on the file and hit run.
Give the application a minute or so to fully load and work.
When you try and open the application you will see something like this:
If you see this, then you need to go to the setup. This is a normal part of any application download as it includes a description, license agreement, and a setup wizard.
You can ignore all the stuff under the description heading.
If you need help getting the setup wizard to work, just let me know.
From the application’s settings, configure what features you want to use.

CATS (Color and Temperature Transfer System) is an all-in-one, color charting, image capture, and data transfer system. Features like automatic turnkey of data are easy to setup and use. Intuitive user interface is designed for all users. CAT data provides a wide range of charting options, like selection, trimming, text, bar, pie, line, column, and 3D charts. You can get the desired data with a single touch, and even copy it to the clipboard for various applications. Images can be captured directly from cameras and scanners, or by selecting a range of pixels. CAT


PIXGet: The Ultimate Color Picker
Color pickers are small tools used for selecting just a single color. This means that they are useful for quick changes in development. Well, if you have ever had the need to grab one from the screen, either from an image or an element, you’re probably familiar with a color picker.
Most of the time you’re going to grab the RGB values associated with that color (between 0 and 255 for each channel).
But, what if you want to grab more than one thing? What if you want to quickly grab all the RGB values of a specific window, or a particular pixel of an image on screen, or even click on a textual element to get its color?
If you want to grab the color of a square, rectangle, or any other shape too, you need a color picker. Because, it may be pretty useless to start a development session only to realize that you have grabbed a color code of a completely different element on screen.
At best it will make you waste a lot of time, and worse still, you won’t get your work done because you’ve been playing around with the code.
So, if you want a color picker which can handle multiple values at once, and grab color codes of any shape on screen, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be reviewing an application called PIXGet: The Ultimate Color Picker.
PIXGet supports the following features:
• Grabbing of any color code from a real-time display
• Get the pixel background color of any window, or any image element
• Choose any shape to grab colors from
• Easily copy all values to the clipboard
• Freeze the preview
• Ability to work with hotkeys
If you want to see these features in action, simply take a look at this video:
Why PIXGet?
There are countless color pickers available out there, but there are a few reasons that make PIXGet a very good fit for grabbing colors from real-time windows:
• If you’re not a developer, don’t worry. The whole interface is simple and intuitive, so finding the right tone isn’t a problem. Plus, the download size is just 5MB.
• Plus, it uses only keyboard input, so it doesn’t come with any external dependencies, so you don’t

What’s New in the PIXGet?

colorpicker with smart hotkeys
It’s an easy to use colorpicker. With PIXGet you can pick the right color for almost anything!
Find a color quickly using one of the many colorpickers out there and copy the right hexadecimal code, RGB color, or descriptive name!
Resize and lock any of your windows such that you are always right in front of your…

Welcome to the project of color picker, Multi-color Picker for Website Design. This makes you able to pick the right color for your website.
You can also take screenshots from your Desktop, selecting only one, or a range of colors.
When you upload your color picker you’ll get a clear list of colors with the right hexadecimal code, an RGB code, or even a descriptive name. You also get an easy-to-use colorpicker button which lets you choose a color, freeze the preview and also copy the hexadecimal, or RGB code to the clipboard.
This application was created by Designer Adam M. Welsch, the author of PIXGet.
Version 1.0
New creation of this application.
Version 1.1
Search function added.
Version 1.2
Added a Button for searching the Color List.
Added a Button for deleting colors from the Color list.
Added a Button to make it more handy to have only the names in the list.
Version 1.3
It’s now easier to resize the Window of the application.

A color picker with many features for Windows.
Select your window and click on the desired tool, or input your own hotkey.
Want to use ‘W’ hotkey for changing your window color?
Add the ‘c’ (without ” “) hotkey to create a color picker.
Are you tired of having the browser’s window always in focus?
Using this cool tool, you can select just a window and not the whole desktop.
Have you ever wanted to select just one color?
Here you can select the color in the fastest way, using the tool’s keyboard keys, or even by typing the color name.
Now, you can pick your color, and copy the hexadecimal, RGB, or descriptive code.
Enjoy the new colorpicker. Have fun!

Use this colorpicker for website and desktop colors.

System Requirements For PIXGet:

Android 5.0+ Supported OS
Minimum Recommended
4.0+ GHz Dual-core CPU (Quad-core recommended)
2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM recommended)
25GB of available space
Android Studio version 3.0.1 or later (Beta) (Android Studio must be installed on an operating system of its own)
The Android SDK and NDK (Android 5.0 or later)
NVIDIA Nsight Tegra Graphics Diagnostic Tool (NVIDIA Nsight Tegra Edition Developer Pack required)


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