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Portable Media Player 9.0.18 Keygen (Updated 2022)


Portable Media Player is a desktop application which allows you to play video, music, audiobooks, and other media files. You can also create playlists to manage your media.


To play a file or a folder of media, double-click its icon on your desktop or in Windows Explorer.

To play a playlist, drag the file from Windows Explorer to the Portable Media Player window.

If a media file is already playing, pause it by clicking on the Pause button.

To stop a media file, press the Stop button.

To repeat the current media item, press the Repeat button.

To go forward a track, click on the Next button.

To go backward a track, click on the Previous button.

To go to the end of the current media item, press the Play/Pause button.

To go to the beginning of the current media item, press the Play/Pause button.

To change the current media item, press the Change button.

To go to the first media file of the current playlist, press the Play button.

To go to the last media file of the current playlist, press the Play button.

To return to the playlist menu, press the Menu button.

To create a playlist, press the Create button.

To view the current playlist, press the Playlist button.

To add a media file to the current playlist, press the Add button.

To view the files of the current playlist, press the Playlist button.

To remove a media file from the current playlist, press the Delete button.

To view the number of items in the current playlist, press the Numbers button.

To view the playlist that you are currently listening to, press the Playlist button.

To exit Portable Media Player, press the Exit button.

To help you navigate through the menu, you can use the keyboard keys to move through the items and the buttons to select the items.


Portable Media Player is available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.


You can configure Portable Media Player so that it will create a separate desktop icon for each media item, or add additional shortcuts to Windows Explorer.


The Portable Media Player application description, tutorial

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Portable Media Player 9.0.18 Keygen Full Version

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