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What’s New In Dramatic Black White?

A smart Photoshop plugin, that applies black and white effects and sharpens your images in one step.
A smart Photoshop plugin, that applies black and white effects and sharpens your images in one step.
What’s New in This Version:
• Bug Fixes.
What’s New in Version 1.3.4:
Fix: Bugs on Activation.
Fix: Exporting a new document with a B&W preset.
Fix: Bug when a preset is not loaded.
Fix: Presets not loaded on opening the menu.
Fix: The right alignment of the images in the “load presets” dialog.
Fix: Zoom in/out broken in the “load presets” dialog.
Fix: Wrong letter spacing in the upper left corner of the presets list.
Fix: Background color greyed out in the “load presets” dialog.
Fix: The export button was greyed out.
Fix: Wrong select font in the settings.
Fix: The results tab was not visible.
Fix: Text was not in the correct place on the settings window.
Fix: When a preset was loaded, the name was on top of the other presets.
Fix: The dark mode was on by default.
Fix: When loading a preset, the GUI would close and not open anymore.
Fix: The dark-mode was selected by default.
Fix: Selection did not work for the gray-scale presets.
Fix: The “Delete” button in the tab was missing.
Fix: The settings window was on the left side.
Fix: The settings window was not centered on the screen.
Fix: The bright-mode was set by default.
Fix: When pressing the undo button, the selected mode would not be removed.
Fix: Corrected the values for the “center” mode.
Fix: Fix for over-exposed images.
Fix: The colors of the preset were a bit off.
Fix: The bright-mode was not saved.
Fix: When a preset was active and you try to activate another preset, the wrong window was opened.
Fix: The “stop” button is always greyed out.
Fix: The filter menu was greyed out.
Fix: The dark-mode was not saved.
Fix: The pre-selected values were not kept.
Fix: The zoom buttons were not activated.
Fix: When changing the preset parameters in the settings window, the colors were not changed in the “Preview” mode.
Fix: The filter menu was not centered.
Fix: When changing presets in the “preview” window, the values in the preview window were not changed.
Fix: The dark-mode was set by default.
Fix: The settings window was not centered.
Fix: The text on the “settings” and “apply” buttons was not centered.
Fix: The “cancel

System Requirements:

Please ensure that you have a minimum system requirement of any of the following
Windows 10 64 bit
Windows 10 32 bit
Mac OS X 10.8.3
2GB Graphics
Minimum Requirements:
Windows 7 64 bit
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
1GB Graphics
Note: The XBox One and PS4 need to be on the latest version of their operating systems. We also strongly recommend that you have the recommended specs outlined


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