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Com Port Redirector is an approachable piece of software that you can use to facilitate a network connection for serial-based communications, namely COM port-based tools. Some examples include surveillance cameras and POS barcode scanners.
It puts some helpful options at your disposal, such as configuration export, along with an automatic search function for all devices within the computer's range.
Quick setup and user-friendly interface
The installation procedure is a fast and easy job that shouldn't require special attention. As for the interface, Com Port Redirector is user-friendly. Its main window is split into multiple frames for navigating COM ports, examining their details, and evaluating the device list, respectively.
Assign COM ports to devices
You can get started by running an automatic search on all devices which exist in the machine's range, in order to check out the IP address, total ports, product, network interface and other details about each identified device.
New ports can be easily added to the list by handpicking each one or indicating a range. For each one it is possible to configure some network settings regarding the listen mode, whether the TCP connection should be kept alive or not, server reconnection status, and others.
Resort to handy tools and customize app preferences
The COM port configuration settings can be exported to file and imported at a later time. In addition, you can reset the UI to default (e.g. window size and position), monitor network interfaces, as well as investigate TCP information, the event log and filters.
Evaluation and conclusion
There were no kind of stability issues throughout our evaluation, since the app did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It was responsive to commands and had minimal impact on system performance, thanks to the fact that it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly.
When it comes down to it, Com Port Redirector provides users with some handy features and settings for creating a link between COM port-based utilities and the network.







Com Port Redirector Crack+ Download Latest

Don’t use the com port to connect to the computer if you can use network instead?
Com Port Redirector let you use the Com Port to transfer network information.
It provides a easy to use interface for connecting to any network and an easy solution to help you use the com port to connect to the computer.
It is a very easy to use software.
With Com Port Redirector you can do several things:
– Change the COM port behavior
– Monitor the network interfaces
– Configure and connect to other computers
– Send commands to the computer
– Monitor the computer
– Search for the computer
– etc.
You can change the com port behavior to:
1. Using the COM port to transfer information to the computer.
2. Using the COM port to transfer information from the computer.
Monitoring the computer is useful when you want to save the PC resources. When the computer is being used, the Com Port Redirector will disconnect the COM port and use the network.
You can use the COM port to transfer information to the computer. This can be used as a portable USB dongle.
Setting the com port behavior to using the port to transfer information to the computer is easy.
1. COM Port – Network
2. COM Port – Computer
Monitor the network interfaces
Let you monitor the COM port to see if the computer is connected to the network.
When the COM port is connected to the network, it will display a list of network interfaces.
You can use the COM port to transfer information to the computer. This can be used as a portable USB dongle.
You can use the COM port to transfer information from the computer. This can be used as a portable USB dongle.
Search for the computer
Let you search for the computer by IP address.
When you search for the computer, it will search in the user defined ip range.
You can send commands to the computer
Send a command to the computer by using the COM port.
When you use the COM port to send a command, the computer will send a confirmation message.
You can use the com port to connect to other computers
Connect to other computers by using the COM port.
When you connect to other computers, it will display a list of network interfaces.
You can use the com port to connect to other computers. This can be used as a portable USB dongle.
You can use the com port

Com Port Redirector

Tries to redirect port COM to COM port, status, options… * NOT WORKING FOR JAVASCRIPT VERSION: COM-PROXY.EXE COM-PROXY.JAR

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