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AmiClient is a Windows Forms application that runs as a background task, continuously polling the AMI over the Internet. It continuously receives service status updates and performs all necessary actions. It can also be used to send additional AMI server services commands, including calls to action that change AMI settings and launch new AMI applications.
Reactive Extensions Description:
Rx provides an elegant, simple, and practical solution for event-based programming. With it, you can build applications that can handle real-time streams of data, apply a query to the data, handle the results, and act on the result.
This technology is available on Windows Forms via the new Reactive Extensions Library (RxLib) for.NET. Using the Rx library, you can easily extend Windows Forms applications to handle events. Rx is based on the concept of observable collections, which contain items. These items are observed and collected at some future time. If you are familiar with LINQ, think of Rx as a LINQ provider for event-based programming.
Download the latest version of the AmiClient, Install the package in the solution. Replace the existing AMI and AMIClient references in the form with the new AMIClient and AMI references.
User Interface:
This project contains 2 Forms, AmiClient and Connection Dialog. The Connection dialog is used to connect to the AMI and Start the AmiClient.

Note: This application contains a self hosted AMI. You need to have root access or have the right to configure the host. As I don’t have a physical linux machine to test it, I can’t test it on Linux.


There’s an entire book written on reactive programming (Rx) over at “Reactive Programming” by Greg Young. I highly recommend it.
However, there is another book which builds on the concepts he presents in the first book but then goes a bit further. That book is “Code Rush” by Jon Skeet.

Isoform-specific neuronal uptake of phosphatidylserine.
Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a highly negatively charged membrane component whose transmembrane distribution is regulated by the co-receptors annexins. We report here the uptake of PS in response to exogenous PS by various cultured neurons derived from the adult rat brain. Specific binding of 125I-PS was blocked by liposomes containing negatively charged phospholipids and

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KeyMacro is an extension which allows Asterisk environments to authenticate a caller by using the Keycard Authentication Service on the Microsoft Passport for Windows Family.

The KeyMacro extension will work as a seamless bridge between the standard AMI extensions and the Keycard Authentication Service. It is designed to be used as an AMI extension. The KeyMacro extension will work with Windows based systems only.
KeyMacro extension is  only  a gateway. The authentication process uses the Keycard Authentication Service (AKA) – a certificate based client application.

I.1 How to use

The KeyMacro extension can be used in the following ways:
The KeyMacro extension takes AMI extenstions, like “Dial” and “Routing” and converts them into an appropriate AMI Dial or a Route extension. It does not modify the the AMI Dial or Route extension. The AMI Extensions that can be converted to Dial/Route are listed below in the table.

For example, if you are using the KeyMacro extension in conjunction with the AMI Dial extension, then:

*To dial a phone number*
1. Go to the AMI Dial extension
2. Choose the extension number that you want to convert
3. Choose the appropriate AMI extension.
4. Choose the extension which contains the method you want to call
5. Type in the phone number you want to call.
6. Click on the telephone icon and the call will be placed.

In the AMI Dial extension, there are other methods available. For example:

*To connect a caller to a destination phone number*
1. Go to the AMI Dial extension
2. Choose the extension number that you want to convert
3. Choose the appropriate AMI extension.
4. Choose the extension which contains the method you want to call
5. Choose the option “Dial” or “Routing”

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The main goal of this Client is to provide a powerful and complete API and an ecosystem for the programming of live applications. It is based on an opinionated design, using the latest techniques for event-based programming, in order to make it easy to use for both novice and expert developers.
Hijack Application API
Hijack Application API is a library that simplifies the task of implementing an application that intercepts or hijacks a third party application. It allows you to intercept (and in some cases replace) all communication between two applications.
Notifications Framework
In this framework, a client is defined as a notification channel, and a notification is an event that is generated by a server  when a change is made. The notification channel will receive these notifications and inform its  listeners of the change by sending events to them.
The implementation of the Notification Framework is based on a set of messaging patterns, which allows a very granular control of the notification that is generated.
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I recently created a 5-day bundle to help solve some of the most annoying problems for small businesses. I call it BashyBox.
BashyBox is a completely free system monitoring and management interface. A live dashboard view shows what is happening in your servers or the applications you run. The dashboard shows graphs and alerts about your servers and applications to help you troubleshoot issues and keep them running smoothly.
A web-based interface allows you to remotely configure, monitor and manage your servers. If an error occurs, you are notified and can diagnose the problem right away.
The live dashboard view shows your current state for each server and application. You can quickly see any alerts, warnings or events.
BashyBox is designed to help you troubleshoot any issue you may encounter and it is free! Visit for more details.

When I started working with NodeJS, I was overwhelmed by the rich array of tools that are available and the mountains of documentation that are out there. I built a small library to make the life of any developer who is starting out with Node easier by providing just what they need in order to get up and running quickly and avoid the overwhelming choice of tools.
Here’s the code:

What’s New in the AmiClient?

What is AmiClient?


AmiClient is a low level management tool for your Asterisk system. AmiClient is a management tool, based on ‘AmiClient’ which was written in C# and ‘Asterisk’ which was written in C. It has many useful functionalities and is extensible. It is able to show graph and text outputs and creates AMI-related command definitions.


AmiClient Overview:

This is a user manual for AmiClient. It shows how to use the C# version of AmiClient to configure and use your Asterisk system.


AmiClient Summary:


With this library, you can:


Live monitor

Create extensions

Find the event’s root cause

Receive status information

Start/stop recording of events

Create command definitions

Extend commands

System monitoring

Event definition editor

External commands

Configure password

Create/change/remove variable

Change directory

Find out more about the default variables

AmiClient capabilities


This is a step by step installation guide for installing AmiClient library. It will guide you to run the program from your command prompt (console), either by copying the AMIClient.dll into the \bin directory or by copying the.sln (Visual Studio) file into the \program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 10.0\solution directory.

The.NET Framework is required to run AmiClient.

You should install the following components first:



Visual Studio 2010


Copy the AmiClient.sln file into the \program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 10.0\solution directory. If you are not using Visual Studio 2010, you can download and install a lower version from the Visual Studio 2010 page:


Start the new Visual Studio solution. AmiClient will be installed and added to your solution. You can use this project for your next development project.


The AMI supports the following components:



.NET Framework 4.0 or higher

.NET Framework 2.0

.NET Framework 1.1


System Requirements For AmiClient:

Intel Pentium4 or greater
Windows Media Center Extender
Apple QuickTime 7
Minimum display requirements include at least a 1920×1080 monitor or TV (other options and
warranties available)
Intel Core 2 Duo or greater
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Retina Display (iPad 3 or newer) or iPad 2 (4th generation)
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

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