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The MDTeleText plugin features teletext with toptext, a full page cache and sub page navigation.
Place the DLLs and accompanying files into the “Plugins” directory. Most plugins install a sub menu in the context menu. The number of simultanously active plugins is limited to five.

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MDTeleText For Windows

MDTeleText Cracked Version is a Teletext client, which uses the Microsoft Multimedia Teletext technology.
MDTeleText Version (20/05/05):
1. Support for W3TC 1.4.6.
2. Partial support for Windows Media Player version 5.0.
MDTeleText requires Internet Explorer 5.5.
MDTeleText requires Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.
MDTeleText requires a DirectX compatible graphics card.
MDTeleText features a full page cache and a sub page navigation.
MDTeleText Features:
W3TC 1.4.6: The W3TC plugin allows Web sites to appear on the TV as
they are on the computer. It enhances the standard Web browser by
providing features like
– Improved page loading times
– Rich text formatting
– Teletext
– Sub Page navigation
– and some more…
MDTeleText requires the usage of a Microsoft Multimedia Teletext plugin.
MDTeleText is compatible with the Telestream Windows Media
Player Plug-in.
MDTeleText is compatible with the Microsoft Multimedia Teletext
Plugin in Windows 2000 and up.
MDTeleText is compatible with the Telestream Windows Media
Plugin in Windows 98.
If you have an older version of MDTeleText, it is recommended to update
to the latest version. It is free.
Download MDTeleText
– Download via HTTP
– Download via FTP
– Download via RSS
Please note: MDTeleText is supplied as a Zip file. Please unzip
the file on your hard drive. You might have to rename the file
depending on the operating system you are using. In the case of
Windows 95 the file can be extracted in the “My Documents” folder.
The “My Documents” folder can be found under the “Start” menu.
If you encounter any problems please contact me.
You need an Internet connection to use MDTeleText.
To install MDTeleText
1. Install the Windows Media Player plugin.
2. Download the MDTeleText files from the

MDTeleText Crack+ Registration Code [32|64bit]

MDTeleText Torrent Download is a teletext (TV text) plugin that shows ToP-text and teletext together.
It uses a custom made MDTeleText submenu for the context menu to handle the teletext and ToP-text.

The plugin uses the CacheManager ( to cache the Teletext contents. The teletext contents are created using the TeletextDraw function.
A full page cache is not currently active.

The plugin is fully version-compatible with MDTeletext Pro and MDTeletext Pro EV (both available from and it will automatically update if they are available.
MDTeleText uses the functions of the MDTeletext Pro to generate the ToP-text and teletext pages.

The version available from (MDTeletext EV and MDTeletext Pro) is based on the sourcecode of Version 1.1 of MDTeletext Pro.


Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5SP1

The plugin should work on all Windows versions prior to XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) with 64 bit versions of.Net and 32 bit versions of.Net.

The plugin is not currently compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.


17.10.2010: Version 1.3 released

– Teletext boxes and ToP-Text boxes can now be arranged on the main menu page. The arrangement is saved as default in the preferences.
– Updating data is now possible.
– Adding and deleting plugins works now.

19.10.2010: Version 1.4 released

– Fixed bug that did not display the teletext image correctly when paging forward or backward.
– Fixed bug with height that did not display the ToP-text correctly in smaller dimensions.
– Fixed bug that prevented plugin from being deactivated.
– Fixed bug that did not display the image correctly when paging forward or backward.
– Improved the way the height is saved. The information is now stored on a new variable named s_height.
– Fixed bug with padding. The plugin calculates the correct padding values now.
– Tm v1.4.2, Format v1.2.1

25.10.2010: Version 1.5 released

– Improved.

MDTeleText Incl Product Key Free (Final 2022)

This plugin enables telnet control of MDTeletext programs. This
allows you to remotely start, stop, pause, resume and restart
MDTeletext programs. It includes a full screen menu for starting
and stopping MDTeletext programs as well as a sub page menu for
sub page navigation.
The DLL and accompanying files are provided file and
should be placed in the “Plugins” directory.
See the included README.txt file for more information.
MDTeleText is a registered trademark of SYMANTEC.

The project home page for MDTeleText is located at:

The source code is hosted in the GNU Public License Free Software
Foundation at:

Programs can be ordered through the following page:

Instructions for using the plugin:
1. Copy the MDTeleText.dll and accompanying files (toptext.dll and
mdteletext.dll) to the “Plugins” directory.
2. When the system service starts the service, load the “MDTeleText”
3. In the context menu select “MDTeleText Menu” and follow the
instructions in the popup window.
4. You should see MDTeleText programs in the sub-menu of “MDTeleText
5. Use the items as described in the context menu.
6. To exit a MDTeleText program, press F7 (cancel)

The MDTeleText plugin is based on “DVB SW Encoder” DLL. The DLLs are included
for reference.

DVB-SW Encoder (Software)

What’s New in the?

Adds teletext to plain text documents. Teletext with toptext is installed as a default.


System Requirements:

I hope you like the changes, it’s been a long time coming.
Any feedback or constructive criticism is much appreciated, please share it with me!
Thanks for your time,
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