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what is the difference between pazera and prazero

I am new to pazero and will be using it to exract the audio from a video file. I am not using it to convert but just to extract the audio from the video for my needs. My questions are 1. Will this program extract FLAC audio? 2. What is the difference in performance between prazero and pazera?
3. How can I manually change the audio format of cde4edac5b

Review ArtCine NFO Creator


ArtCine NFO Creator is a small and simple-to-use program that allows you to create NFO files for your DVDs.
The interface of the software is user-friendly, so navigating within ArtCine NFO Creator should be easily accomplished.
So, you can edit the title of the movie, international title, director, release year, language, runtime, genre, color, IMDb rating

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