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All in all, Hamsi Manager has some quirks but they are sometimes necessary when dealing with specifics.

Software Functionality

File Management

File Tools


Overall Hamsi Manager is an intetsting app that appeals to those who appreciate time-taking customization and it makes the value of the standard Windows file explorer somewhat obsolete. One can compare Hamsi Manager with the file manager Windows Commander.

Download Hamsi Manager for Windows 33e89ea654

Critic Reviews

This powerful GDI drawing application for Windows allows users to create, edit and view CAD diagrams. It supports over 30 drawing objects and their supporting features and is highly recommended as an alternative to Microsoft Office Gadgets and GADEM.

The ability to use drawing tools and edit existing objects is one of the important features of Office Gadgets. It is a simple, intuitive application that allows users to interact with Excel objects and create drawings with the help of various elements

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